Rhinoceros Tsavo

He has something primeval in him, and actually belongs to an evolutionarily ancient rhinoceros type, which is now threatened with extinction.

The bull Tsavo, the most prominent rhino in the world was born in 1976. He is a Rhinoceros (Latin Cerathotherium simum) . His wild relatives lived mainly in southern Africa. Here, the females live close together in small groups, while the bulls live as loners except during the mating season. Rhinos have few natural enemies, therefore they are very peaceful animals.

Tsavo owes his fame to the fact that he has lived in the circus for 30 years. He worked on Circus Barum for many years.  Now he belongs to Circus Krone, and is supervised and worked by Martin Lacey Jr.

In contrast to Martin Lacey's lions, Tsavo is a vegetarian. He eats hay, pellets and may also eat carrots and apples. In Circus Krone he lives in a spacious habitat.  He has a large, bright and naturally heated tent enclosure where he can sleep on a bed of straw. There is an outdoor enclosure where he can roam.

Tsavo loves mud baths and cuddles. He has mud baths in the summer in the outdoor enclosure where he is canoodled. Martin Lacey Jr.  is very fond of his “big boy” Tsavo.



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