Our White Lion, KING TONGA is twelve years old and very unique. Only 84 of these magnificent animals are known to exist worldwide . None of them live in the circus. The story of how the white lion came to Circus Krone sounds like a tale from The Arabian Nights: 1001 Nights: A prince from Saudi Arabia saw Martin Lacey Jr.’s lion act at the International Circus Festival of Monte Carlo and visited Circus Krone. The circus and lion act inspired him so much that he gave this valuable animal as a present to Christel Sembach-Krone. He is truly a royal gift!


With lots of love, praise and treats, the little lion king was carefully introduced to life and work in the ring. Spotlight, music and applause were a welcome companion. In a video sequence on the large screen is a montage telling of the events and the rising success of this unique crown jewel: A DREAM IN WHITE.

Martin Lacey Jr. - highly decorated superstar among the animal trainers - has, for the anniversary tour of "Celebration" created something very special:


The brilliant performances of the unique, white lion, KING TONGA, up close and personal.  Viewers can enjoy a predator from their imagination in an adventure in the ring.


Martin Lacey has a love of animals in his heart and a talent for performance in his blood. He has already won several awards in his work. He is a consistent advocate of human performance, in which working in the ring is based solely on the natural behavior of the animals, their playfulness and curiosity. In recognition of his services Christel Sembach-Krone entrusts him with the care and training of their favorite, KING TONGA.


In the fall of 2011 King Tonga became a father. Together with the white lioness PRINCESS he had a son, Baluga, the first white lion ever  born in the circus world . In July 2012, he was the father of sextuplets making him a worldwide sensation! Since then he has been the father to 15 more lions.

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