Amsterdam 2010

The famous Theatre Carree is the home of the Christmas Circus in Amsterdam. In the nineties the theatre was fully restored and modernized. However, with the building being almost completely surrounded by water it isn't easy to get the big circus wagons through the small alleys to the theatre. In the end we managed and put on another great show; Amsterdam was yet another step in the successful career of Martin and his big pussycats.

Monte Carlo 2006

The 30th Circus Festival at Monte Carlo – that was, of course, a big event to which all artists, clowns and animal trainers who had ever won one of the treasured Clowns, the famous awards given out in Monte Carlo, were invited. Nevertheless, the attendees felt rather sad because the 30th festival was the first which had to be held without its founder, the late Prince Rainier of Monaco, who had died a short time before. So the festival was celebrated in his honour, and in remembrance of the great man and friend of the circus.

Unsere Galerie

In den vergangenen Winterspielzeiten 2006 und 2007 gastierte Martin Lacey Jr. mit seinen Raubtieren beim Circus Medrano in Italien.